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Club organisation

Last year we enjoyed huge growth at the Club, with many more children training on Saturday, some also playing on Sundays for the Beckenham Town teams involved in the Tandridge League. A few play for other clubs, and others are there simply to train and have fun.


Please note the difference between:

Saturday Morning Coaching School (SMCS) at Blakes - open to everyone

Individual Beckenham Town JFC team matches on Sundays - subject to squad places available

Individual Beckenham Town JFC team training (often a weekday evening)


Sunday teams

Provided we have enough parents volunteering their services to coach / manage a team, and depending on the number of interested players, we can register teams to play on Sundays in the Tandridge League. We are fortunate to have eleven teams at the moment, but are aware that some age groups are under-represented. Occasionally there are not enough squad places available for all the boys and girls who want to play. So, if you are willing to help create and run a sustainable team, we do rely on you contributing your time at weekends, or weekday evenings for individual team training.

We also welcome volunteers with special skills and training such as first aid qualifications, coaching abilities, willingness to act as referee / assistant referee (‘linesman’ for U11 and older) etc.

On Sundays assistance is appreciated from parents both to assemble and put away goals and respect barriers, and we thank you for your continued help with this. 


We are responsible for all the litter left after Saturday training and matches on Sundays. Please ensure the children remember all their clothing / drinks bottles, and help remove any plastic drinks bottles etc.

Lost property

There is a growing collection of lost clothing (some expensive looking) and drinks bottles accumulating at Blakes - please identify if any is yours before we have to dispose of it.


Everyone is aware how busy it seems to get in St David’s Close on Saturday mornings - but please avoid parking on the chevrons on the right hand side outside the school, not just because of neighbours complaining, but because parking on both sides of the road can make access impossible for fire engines, delivery lorries etc. There is plenty of space to park a few yards further down the road. 


Saturday Morning Coaching School at Blakes (SMCS) - £25 for seven week block of training

Individual Beckenham Town JFC teams:

  • £65 registration per player to the Club annually (reductions are available for younger siblings)
  • Monthly subs to the team fund to pay for match fees, referees, balls, equipment etc.
  • Individual Beckenham Town JFC team training - cost of coaching/venue varies (see team manager for details)