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Kit Recycling

Unclutter at the end of the season:

We are fortunate that most of our club members can turn up in pristine kit on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We have taken a moment to recognize that the out of size and out of favour kit that clutters up our wardrobes and storage can be put to good use. To that end we would like to invite the boys and parents to donate kit that they’ve grown out of, or out of love with (all those Man Utd shirts from a few years back can’t all have evaporated !) We will be collecting kit at the presentation day on 6th June to move the kit on to other kids and the surplus kit will go to a school in Keyna, who are much in need of sports equipment.

Please bring unwanted or outgrown kits and boots along to the club presentation day on Saturday 6th of June - where we will have bins to collect whatever you are kind enough to bring.

We will then present the donations for sale at a very reasonable rate on the last day of training - Saturday June 13th.

We will ask that shirts and shorts are laundered, and that the boots are in reasonable state, complete with studs and laces, mud knocked off and wiped down.
If possible keep shirts and short combos and boots together by popping them into a light supermarket type plastic bag.
If you haven’t been able to launder the kit or clean the boots, we have a few volunteers who will do so before the 13th. – please label the bag as “Needs Attention” so we can get cracking on that straight away.

We would hope to sell the kit at a very reasonable price to kids who can reuse it.  The table will be staffed by volunteers, costs will be minimal and all proceeds will go to the club.  Hopefully we may even repatriate a few Beckenham Town kits.